The Climb Tour 

#YesSheCanCampaign (YesSheCanCampaign) The Climb Tour is a career immersion program that provides youth with the opportunity to learn more about professional careers in the world. Participants undergo leadership development, personal development, and career development training. 


Program Components 

  • Career Development Workshops  

  • Weekly Career Readiness Assignments 

  • Project-Based Learning 

  • Community Service and Advocacy 

  • Mentorship and Networking


Program Topics 

  • Personal Brand

  • Finding Your Purpose and Passion 

  • Resume Writing 

  • Cover Letter Writing 

  • Linkedin 

  • Interview Preparation 

  • Internship Application Preparation 

  • Job Application Preparation 

  • Professional Development 

  • Professional Attire 

  • Networking 

  • Social Justice, Advocacy, and Community Service 

  • And MORE!

Program Information



  • Open to high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, and nontraditional students. 

  • Nontraditional Students: A non-traditional student is anyone who wants to attend college in a format or time frame that differs from that typical route. A non-traditional student must have a GED or high school diploma. 

  • All races, genders, and sexual orientations are welcome and encouraged to apply!

  • All students receive internship credit and volunteer hours from this program.

Program Update 

This program is currently on pause until further notice.

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Testimonies from Past Scholars 

What past scholars learned from the program!

When opportunities present themselves, do your best to take them.

Of course, making sure that opportunity is beneficial for your development.

- Scholar

1. I learned how to properly write a resume. 2. I learned what personal brand which is how you describe yourself. 3.You have to be careful when you are applying for scholarships because you might get scholarship displacement. 4. There are different ways to pay for college like loans and grants. 5. I learned how to write an elevator speech which is describing yourself in a short paragraph.

- Scholar

How to write a resume, creating a platform for myself, taking an idea and making it a business, how to manage work with other priorities, how to occasionally take a breathe and meditate

- Scholar

 I learned the importance of networking, but also that alone won't really get you far. You also need experience.

- Scholar