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School Partnerships

#YesSheCanCampaign offers a range of virtual and in-person programming for schools focus on postsecondary education, financial literacy, workforce development, networking, community service, advocacy, technology, entrepreneurship, and more.  To book us, please email

Our offerings include: 

DISSCHOLARED Clinics: We host DISSCHOLARED Clinics with schools, where we facilitate a scholarship award displacement prevention training. In addition to facilitating impact workshops where participants can learn how to use their passions to spread awareness about scholarship award displacement. 

DISSCHOLARED Workshops: We host DISSCHOLARED workshops with schools about scholarship award displacement and how to advocate for change. These workshops are for students, families, and faculty. 

The Climb Tour: Through our Climb Tour program, schools can book us to host this program. The Climb Tour is a career immersion program where students have the opportunity to visit innovative companies. As well as participate in personal and professional development workshops. Our past sites included NBA, Citi, and more. Upcoming sites include Hearst Tower. 

The Climb Incubator: Through our Climb Incubator program, schools can book us to host this program. The Climb Incubator is a program that provides our students with the tools, resources, and training to launch or scale their social impact projects or businesses. This program focuses on social justice and social entrepreneurship. At the end of the program, students pitch to win prizes at our Climb Higher Tank. 

The Climb For Good Workshops: We host interactive workshops for schools that focus on social impact, social entrepreneurship, community service, and advocacy. 

DISSCHOLARED Licensing: Our DISSCHOLARED Licensing Program provides schools with licenses to our scholarship displacement trainings to ensure their students, families, and faculty understand scholarship displacement and how to avoid the practice. 

Some of the teams and corporations we've worked with!

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