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#YesSheCanCampaign x NBA Climb Tour Event in 2023
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#YesSheCanCampaign Sparkle Summit in 2019
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The Climb Tour

The Climb Tour is a career immersion program that we host for students in high school, undergraduate, graduate school, and recent graduates to allow them to visit innovative companies to learn about the different career pathways in the world. Past tours included the NBA headquarters, Citi headquarters, and more. 

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The Climb Incubator

The Climb Incubator is a program that provides our students with the tools, resources, and training to launch or scale their social impact projects or businesses. This program focuses on social justice and social entrepreneurship.
At the end of the program, students pitch to win prizes at our Sparkle Tank. 

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DISSCHOLARED is an ed-tech program and platform powered by #YesSheCanCampaign that helps students and families understand higher institutions' private scholarship policies and the practice of scholarship award displacement. Our goal is to ensure that students and families will be able to make informed college and financial decisions.
We are working to dismantle scholarship award displacement nationwide.

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Our organization hosts events throughout the year focused on college readiness, workforce development, financial literacy, advocacy, community service, networking, and more. In 2021, #YesSheCanCampaign and the NBA partnered to host a series of career mentoring events for youth and their families.  

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#YesSheCanCampaign hosts a number of conferences throughout the year. Our past conferences were:  The Sparkle Summit, The Climb Digital Conference, the Stop Snatching Our Scholarships Conference, and The Climb Career Summit. Our conferences are open to all students. All of our conferences are now virtual.


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Thank you so much to everyone that made this program possible.

I am so blessed to have had an outstanding experience in this virtual program. I hope that you can continue to make an impact on the lives of young people such as myself.


"I learned that your legacy is important and it should involve your dreams and passions and that your legacy should ultimately give back to your community. I want my legacy to be that I opened doors for others and gave them the opportunity to walk through those doors."


"I learned not only how to perfect a resume but also a LinkedIn account. I learned that I should make sure to take time for myself so I don’t burn out. Finally, I learned to realize what makes me motivated and inspired to do what I want to do."


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