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Our Climb

Zaniya Lewis founded #YesSheCanCampaign (YesSheCanCampaign) in December 2016 during her freshman year of college. Zaniya founded the YesSheCanCampaign after experiencing many hardships and successes throughout her educational journey. Through these experiences, she noticed the obstacles that girls, young women, and youth experience while striving to complete their education and obtain employment opportunities. #YesSheCanCampaign (YesSheCanCampaign) purpose is to inspire and empower youth everywhere to push beyond all limitations and work towards pursuing their education and career aspirations. 

Mission Statement: Our mission is to equip youth with the tools and resources to climb higher, change the world, and achieve their dreams. 

Vision Statement: We envision a world where all youth will have the tools and resources to accomplish their goals and dreams. A world where opportunities and resources do not have a price tag. A world where every young person is empowered and able to reach their full potential. 

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Zaniya Lewis 

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Founder/CEO and Executive Director 

Growing up in a military family sparked Zaniya's passion for social justice and activism. YesSheCanCampaign was founded because of the adversity Zaniya and her peers experienced while striving to complete their education and obtain employment opportunities. 

In 2015, Zaniya traveled with the NBPA and NBA on a fantastic community service trip to South Africa. In 2016, Zaniya appeared on the cover of the May 2016 Issue of Seventeen with Former First Lady Michelle Obama. Zaniya has worked with national and local non-profit organizations across the nation.

In May 2020, Zaniya received her B.A in Political Science from The George Washington University. Zaniya is currently a J.D Candidate at Rutgers Law School. 

Zaniya has received many accolades for her work, including the Diana Award and Taco Bell Foundation Live Mas Scholarship. Zaniya was named 25 under 25 Social Entrepreneurs by Culture Media Co and Impaction.  Zaniya has been featured in various media outlets, including Seventeen, BET, Sports Illustrated Kids, CBS News, and ESSENCE Girls United.

Having access to resources and opportunities Zaniya had not previously known existed brought inspiration and purpose to her life. Zaniya's mission in life is to inspire others to keep climbing and to use their passions to make a difference in the world.

Our Team

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Founder/CEO and Executive Director


Director of Human Resource and DISSCHOLARED Products 

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Senior Program Director


Outreach & Engagement Director 



DISSCHOLARED Fellow and Consultant



Board Members 2022-2024

Zaniya Lewis 
Nicole Morgan-Lewis 
Dr. Rhonda Palmer 
Donna Johnson 
Daisy Glasgow 
Dr. Diana Scott 
Shenee Omuso 

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